Top 5 things you should never use in your essay

The essay is the most common type of academic writing, which every student meet during the studying years. That is why you need to know how to write this academic paper. If you don’t have money or just don’t want to get help from essay services you need to be aware of what is possible to write in your essay and what is not. This article is dedicated to the top five things that you should never use in your piece of writing.

Top 5 things to avoid in essay writing

Overwhelming is on the fifth place
It is a very common mistake to overwhelm an essay with lots of details. Students often think that the more details they use the better it is. They are sure that such amount of facts will demonstrate their teacher how hard they have been working and how much do they know.

However, the effect of such actions is usually the opposite. The truth is, it becomes very hard to find any sense in the paper. The theme is just missed in the sea of details. You should write only about the most necessary things that have the direct connection to the topic of your essay.

Quoting is on the fourth place
Students like to use direct speech to show that their ideas have some serious background. In some way, it is very good and it helps to present the good understanding of the topic. Such things also help to prove your points of view. On the other hand, when you overwhelm your essay with quotes you lost the uniqueness of your paper.

When professors ask you to write an essay they expect your own ideas and views. It is also important to remember that every statement of the famous person should be included in your bibliography. Unfortunately, it often happens that students fail to provide references.

Cliché is on the third place
Students very like to use clichés in their works. It is fine to have a few general statements, which prove your point of view. The problem appears when students lose their own ideas and only use these clichés. Professors don’t like that. Try to present your point of view in your own special manner.

Informal language is on the second place
It is not appropriate to use colloquialisms in your academic paper. Essays can be written in various styles, except the colloquial one. You should always remember that essay is a type of academic paper and everything should be done due to requirements.

  1. You should be careful with the word “I”. It is better to avoid this pronoun in your paper.
  2.  Usage of the first person plural in your essay is also very tricky. When you write “we” you include a reader to your essay. Remember that the reader should be a separate individual.
  3. Usage of the second person is also under question. You have the same effect on the reader as with the word “we”. You include the reader to your paper and this shouldn’t happen.
  4. Don’t use too many rhetorical questions. It will be enough to write one or two for your essay.
  5. Choose carefully the words for your paper. Not every word you use every day, for example, some slang, is appropriate for your academic paper.

Plagiarism is on the first place
Every professor tells students to write the papers by themselves. Plagiarism is a very serious mistake. You can lose your points and you can also fail the subject if you use plagiarized papers. Always check your papers with the special programs. When you order papers from essay services, you should also check them for your own safety.

Essay writing has lots of nuances and it is quite hard to know all of them. Therefore, we hope that this short article will help you to avoid the most common mistakes.