Summer reading for students: What to read this summer

Best-books-for-summer-reading-by-essay-resvices-reviewcomSince you will never really know which books you are going to be needing for the next semester you can still improve your skills and prepare for next semester just by reading for fun. If you never know what to read in summer this article is just for you.

If you are an English literature student it is always a good idea to choose one of the many classics for summer reading, because chances are you will need to read some of them for your courses soon enough. Classics like Dickens, Woolf, Austin and Lawrence will always pop up in university or college so reading any of these is a good start. If this isn’t your thing you can read contemporary books too, reading anything improves your vocabulary and reading speed, which improves your essay writing skills and can help you write the best essays in your class.

Below is a short list and summary of classics and contemporaries for any students to enjoy this summer.

Best books for summer reading

A Tale of Two Citiesis one of those college books that you will inevitably encounter. The book is set in London and Paris before and during the French Revolution. Charles Dickens effortlessly combines history and imagination in this classic.

The Fault in Our Stars is a romance novel set in contemporary times and is among the top college books to read. It is about a girl called Hazel who has cancer and meets the love of her life in a cancer support group. This award-winning novel by John Green has also been adapted to film.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel has also been adapted to film, if you haven’t read the book yet make sure to include it in your summer reading. Pi is an Indian boy who is travelling to Canada by boat, when the boat is shipwrecked Pi finds himself stranded on a life boat with a Bengal tiger and survives.

If you are an English Literature student you will be spending a lot of essay writing on Virginia Woolf. To the Lighthouse is most commonly read and the best essays can come from this novel if it is understood well. It is written using the stream-of-consciousness technique which might be difficult for students to follow at first. Reading it more than once helps readers better understand the plot and the meaning behind it. That’s why making this part of your summer reading is so important.

If you want to know what to read I summer that’s not fiction or romance why nor read a bit of philosophy, it can actually make summer reading fun, while still expanding your mind and preparing you for the college books you will encounter in Philosophy 101. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl is an easy to read philosophy book that will make a real impact on any reader. It will make you think about the meaning of life and beyond. A lot of people find this topic very enjoyably and enriching. It can also improve your essay writing and help you write the best philosophy essay in your course.