Problem Solved

The problem I’d most like to change is the price of gluten free products. While many of the people who follow a gluten free diet are doing so out of personal choice, some people must eat this way and it can be very expensive. I have a gluten intolerance and possible celiac disease so I have no choice but to eat gluten free foods. With a loaf of bread costing upward of $9, it can be a hit to the wallet to buy healthy foods that won’t make me sick.

I know that I’m not the only person in this situation and most people I have discussed the issue with agree that life would be so much easier if gluten free foods were not so expensive. I like to joke that they should actually be cheaper since all the gluten is removed. All kidding aside, it can be a real hardship to purchase gluten free foods that are healthy and that taste good, especially as a college student. It seems unfair that gluten free food doesn’t taste that good and that it has to cost so much.

I feel like some of the reason why gluten free foods are so expensive is because people are jumping on the gluten free bandwagon and celebrities are making this style of eating something that people think is healthier and better. In fact, most doctors say that eating gluten free foods isn’t recommended unless you have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease. If the gluten free diet wasn’t made out to be so glamorous, it may cost those who have to eat this way a whole lot less.

While many food manufacturers are making an effort to make more gluten-free foods available, they aren’t doing much to cut the costs. If such food companies could develop healthy gluten free recipes that taste great, those who have to purchase gluten free foods would be better off. It’s of particular concern for college students who don’t make a lot of money because they might have to decide that eating gluten free foods doesn’t fit in the budget, which can compromise my health in several ways.

The steps I’ve taken include learning to cook foods that are naturally gluten free. For example, fresh fruits, vegetables and meats are safe to eat and make great ingredients for delicious and healthy foods that are safe for a gluten free meal plan. Using gluten free grains, such as rice, is another easy way to make a well-rounded meal that is gluten-free, but also affordable. However, as a busy student with limited cooking space, it can be hard to prepare my own meals.

Eating gluten-free foods is hard enough because so many foods contain hidden gluten. As if that wasn’t enough of a hardship, the added cost of buying gluten free foods can really make navigating health problems a big deal. If food manufacturers work to create more affordable gluten free foods and people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance help educate the public about the conditions, perhaps food would be healthy and affordable.