How to write essays: Getting started

How to start your esssay by essay-reviews-review comThere are two essential things that need to be done before you write essays -deciding on an essay topic and doing research. A breakdown of these two important steps and a few others will help you write the best essay you possibly can. If you still can’t get started after reading this try using an essayservice instead.

How to start essay writing:

 Choosing an essay topic

Sometimes a list of topics is given to students and other times a unique topic must be thought of by students. Whether you make up your own or choose from a list here are a few tips to help you become a good essay writer.

Always choose a topic you are somewhat familiar with and know something about. This helps you write abetter essay.
When dig essay writing forEnglishLiterature,choose the topic for the book you have read and understood the best.
Always write essays on a topic that has a lot of research done by other scholars. This will take it easy for you to fid research material for your own essay.

Another approach is to choose a topic that still needs a lot of research, this is after all the point of doing essay writing research and if you can help create info on a subject, this could get you bonus marks. You will need to do a bit more work, but it will be worth it.

Doing research

Once you have decided upon a topic to write about you need to do research inorder to get as much information about the topic as possible. The more knowledge you have gained through research the more and the easier you will be able to write. Here are some tips to help you do your research right.

Start doing research and choosing a topic as soon as possible so you can spend a lot of time on doing thorough research. Sometimes it takes long to find the right sources for your research and once you do find it you still need to read through it all and process it to use it in your essay. So time is of the essence.

Look for information in books, journals, and online to make sure you have a variety of sources. Once you have all the right info to support you essay topic start reading through it to get a better idea of whether it really helps support your essay’s argument, sometimes something looks useful but once you start reading it properly you find it is of no use at all.

Read the work through again this time with a highlighter and pen to note important and useful info you will be using in your essay.

Start to write essay

The easiest way to start with the actual essay writing is to plan a rough outline of the different points you want to make. Here is how to do it.

– Jot down three or more points you want to make.

– Pair these points with the book, journal or article that supports this point in your research.

-Use your research as the bones of your essay and write your argument around this.